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Adding Sage drive users
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Sage 50 2021.0 and later: Add users to a shared company in Remote Data Access

  1. Open the shared company and go to File, Remote Data Access, Set Up Access.
  2. Click New User to add a new user or Edit User's Roles to add an email address and invite an existing user. The email address is necessary to invite the user in either case.
  3. Save and close, and the new user(s) will be invited. They will receive an invitation email to join the shared company, and will be prompted to create a Sage ID if they do not already have one.

To add users prior to sharing a Remote Data Access company in 2021.0 and higher:

  1. Select File, Maintain, Set Up User Security to open the User Security window.
  2. Click New User.
  3. Enter User name, password and Email/Sage ID in the User rights window.
    • You should enter your existing Sage ID to ensure you can connect with other cloud connected services.
  4. Click Save.
    • Repeat Steps 2 thru 4 to add and give additional users access to the company.
  5. Click Save and Close.

Sage 50 2020.2 and earlier: Add user to a Sage Drive company

  1. Open the Sage Drive company you want to add or manage users for
  2. Select File, Sage Drive, Manage User Access (Management Center)
  3. Select Add User
    You are entitled to forty users and one accountant user. The total of entitled users does not correspond with the Sage 50—U.S Edition license agreement. Currently there is no difference between users and the accountant user.
  4. Enter the users information
    Note: Once this information is saved you cannot edit the user name or email address
  5. Select the company or companies you wish to share, and then select Save
  6. The user will receive an email inviting them to use the shared Sage Drive company. If they do not have a Sage ID they will need to create one. See Article ID 72832: How do I activate Sage Drive?.

Please note the following regarding Sage Drive:

  • Sage Drive requires high speed Internet access (For best performance download speeds of at least 25mbps and upload speeds of at least 3mbps)
  • Maximum of 5GB file size for Sage Drive companies
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